Welcome to the New & Improved OPERATIONCOMEDY.com!!!!

Welcome to the first of many OPERATION COMEDY blogs!! We hope you are enjoying our new, improved website. For those of you who have just discovered us, we are a 4 year old national comedy tour founded by vets, for vets. Our shows are ALWAYS free for active military, vets and their loved ones. First let me clarify that we use the term "vet" to include ALL members of the military family, both past and present. It's no secret that these are tough times for our vets, especially for those men and women just returning from the War On Terror. And while we can't cure all of the ills that these men an women have incurred while defending our Freedom, the least we can do is help out a little bit with a night of hot comics and cold beverages. Laughter isn't actually the BEST medicine, but it can provide a nice little escape for those we should honor every day. We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with some old friends of OPERATION COMEDY - HUMANA GOVERNMENT SERVICES. I truly can't say enough about the passion these folks have for our vets (thanks in no small part to the numerous vets they have in leadership positions).  Thanks to their exclusive sponsorship, we will be able to bring OPERATION COMEDY to some of the largest bases in the country this Spring/Summer: Ft Campbell, Ft, Hood, Ft Sam Houston and Pensacola Naval/Air Station. This will be the second year that they have supported us and given us the freedom to deliver the type of shows that are worthy of the biggest, baddest military on the planet. We owe them an immense debt. When it comes to supporting our vets, many companies talk the talk, but HUMANA GOVERNMENT SERVICES walks the walk. We love you guys!!!! If you are a Vet or a loved one, you should join our VIP Club (there's a tab and link on the home page). We will NEVER sell your info!! We use the emails to provide exclusive insider access about upcoming events in different cities. Most importantly, this is how you find out how to get free tickets. Also, we have just opened an office in Los Angeles, home to over one million veterans. Unfortunately, much of Hollywood cares as more about wounded puppies than our Wounded Warriors, but we aim to change that view! We are developing some amazing relationships out here with some powerful allies and look forward to our first West Coast show at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center on August 17. More details to come in a few days. Much Love to All Who Serve, OPERATION COMEDY "Our Vets Would Kill For Us. We Kill For Them."
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